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Case Management


Active addiction can be confusing and a lonely. It takes families time to rebuild what they once had. Surfside staff will be available for ongoing coaching, advice and support.


Rediscover life substance free. New boundaries and healthy systems will be the keystone to the family unit and how it functions as a whole.


Recover your family, recover you life and recover your dignity. Feel empowered and in control of the addiction and know how to navigate life again without the feeling of being lost.


Case Management

Recovery does not end with addiction treatment. Trying to recover from addiction alone is an uphill battle. Families that engage with Surfside Recovery Services will have the opportunity to have special care and attention. We will carefully work families through the process of recovery and guide them in the aftercare process.

Why is Case Management important?

We will bring the team to you. SAMHSA explains that when case management is implemented to its fullest, clients and families will feel empowered because they will get a full continuum of care through the whole recovery process.


Surfside staff will:

  • „  Provide the client a single point of contact for multiple health and social services systems
  • „  Advocate for the client
  • „  Be flexible, community-based, and client oriented
  • „  Assist the client with needs generally thought to be outside the realm of substance abuse treatment

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