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Get Educated

Learn about addiction and how you and your family can put an end to the constant cycle of relapse and disappointment.

Break the cycle

Break the chain of addiction by helping your loved one see that addiction is destroying their life and the lives of anyone around them.

Learn about aftercare

With proper guidance and support your family will finish with the knowledge of a solid aftercare plan and be prepaid for a life of successful recovery.


Why have an intervention?

Getting someone help is not always as easy as telling them they need to stop using. Addicts and alcoholics often struggle admitting they can not stop on their own. These individuals, especially young people, cringe at the thought of being different from their peers. Young men and women, due to the mental obsession and physical craving, will rarely stop using drugs and alcohol while there is time.

Making change is not always comfortable

Intervening into an addict/alcoholic’s life may be the necessary action to promote change and guide them into treatment. Our intervention services arm families with facts about addiction and what is needed for long term recovery. We bring families together with the addict/alcoholic and help them move into a place of acceptance and create a desire for them to get help.


Surfside Staff will:

  • Educate the family about addiction and recovery
  • Facilitate the interruption of active addiction during the intervention with your loved one
  • Help the addict/alcoholic see how  addiction is destroying their life and the lives of the people around them
  • Guide families in navigating the treatment process
  • Provide Case Management services to your loved one from the beginning of their recovery
  • Create a “Recovery Plan” that will include detox, residential treatment, outpatient, structured sober living and transitional services based on the family insurance and personal financial resources available
  • Ongoing Recovery Coaching for the family and the addict/alcoholic

Next Steps…

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