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Treatment Placement

Free Advice

Surfside staff offers you free advice and guidance regarding the addiction that is harming your family. There are no fees associated with our treatment placement services. You do not need to do this alone.

Surfside is not connected to any specific treatment provider. Our staff visits over 50 programs a year, meets with clinical staff, and takes time to determine how each facility can help people suffering with addiction. Not every treatment program/provider/center is good for everyone. Please do not be misinformed…allow us to take a few minutes a guide your family to appropriate care.

Understand Insurance

Navigating insurance and learning what addiction treatment centers are best for your loved one can be a long and daunting process. Trying to find good and reputable programs with availability can be problematic. Let us walk with you through this process.

Full Recovery Plan

When you and your family utilizes Surfside Recovery Services you will receive a full recovery plan. This plan will include options for detox, residential treatment and a full range of aftercare services.


Why get advice on Addiction Treatment?

Because you do not need to do it alone. Getting someone help can be very difficult and expensive. Knowing the options about addiction treatment will be one of the key factors in your success. Families can be “fooled” into programs that offer a miracle cure for addiction. Programs that offer “free” addiction treatment may not be the best and most ethical options. Often times people want to send loved ones far away where the addict can get lost and disappear in a strange place.


Find whats right for your loved one

Do you know that the average addict/alcoholic goes to addiction treatment at least twice? Learning about quality programs around the Northeast, that our staff has visited, that work with your specific insurance plan and budget could be the difference in lasting success or another failed attempt.


Surfside Staff will:

  • Provide free placement services
  • Educate the family about addiction and recovery resources that work and are appropriate
  • Facilitate the intake process
  • Help the family understand their specific insurance plan, deductible and potential out of pocket expenses.
  • Guide families in navigating the treatment process and educate them on long term recovery
  • Provide Case Management services to your loved one from the beginning of their recovery
  • Create a “Recovery Plan” that will include detox, residential treatment, outpatient, structured sober living (if necessary) and transitional services based on the family insurance and personal financial resources available

Take the Next Steps…

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